Limited beer editions


Creative variations on the topic
of Chodské pivo® from family-run
brewery Chodovar.

Extraordinary offer of beers
produced in limited brews.

Sold regularly in a limited amount
for a certain period of the calendar year.
Mr. Albi Easter Special

A pale beer produced using the method of
»Dry Hopping« – beer maturation in
a lager cask with the addition of aroma hops.

We recommend to white meat or on its own
to spend a pleasant moment with an exceptional
taste experience.

Available always from the beginning of March.
Ingredients: water from our own artesian well,
barley malt: Pilsner, hop products from
Czech aroma hops.

Alcohol: 5.1 %
Mr. Albi Dark Lager

A beer typical for its deep brown-black
colour, brewed in accordance with old
recipes of family-run brewery Chodovar.
A true example of the beer style
of Czech dark beer.

It is a perfect accompaniment to game specialities,
strong cheeses and chocolate desserts with fruit.
water from our own artesian well,
selected varieties of Czech hops,
barley malt, caramel malt, roasted malt.

Alcohol: 5.0 %
Mr. Albi Winter Special

A pale special produced using the original method
of brewing by green wet hops from the new harvest.
For its production, only Czech aroma hops are
used – Saaz variety. This beer is suitable
as an aperitif or with cold starters. It is fit
for fish prepared in a rather savoury way
or white meat with cream sauces.

Available always from the beginning of November.
Ingredients: water from our own artesian well,
barley malt: Pilsner, fresh green
aroma hops „Saaz variety“.

Alcohol: 5.1 %
Chodovar Roller

An original mixed drink which consists of beer
and lemon flavoured mineral water Il sano®.
A unique source of ferrous ions 17.9 mg/l Fe^^2+^^.
An element of life for your organism. Experience
with us what it's like to combine Albi and citrus fruit.
Refreshment with minimum alcohol.

An original variation on the topic of „Radler“ beer style
from family-run brewery Chodovar.
Available from April to September.

Alcohol: 2,0 %