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Protected Geographical Indication

European trademark Chodské pivo®
The importance of a hundreds-year-old beer production tradition, the rarity of the rock cellars and local natural water sources in the region of the Bohemian Forest presented the reasons for awarding European trademark Chodské pivo®.

The European Union relates protected designation of origin and geographical indications to exceptional products and food produced in the region or a specific area from which their names are derived. The quality and characteristics of such products are determined by the uniqueness of the environment, ingredients composition and skills of the local people.



We have won the award of EUROPEAN BEER STAR three times!!!

It is a significant prize awarded by Beer Academy Doemens in Munich. Each year, over 600 beer samples from more than 30 world countries enter the competition. Regularly, over 60 tasters from 16 countries including the Czech Republic take part in the expert beer evaluation.




Certificate of trademark Beer Academy® registration