Mineral water Il sano®


The origins of using mineral waters
issuing in the valley of the
Kosí brook for curative purposes
go back to 1193 when the Teplá
Premonstratensian monastery was
founded. Thanks to its iron content,
this naturally carbonated mineral
water presents a unique example
of mineral springs. Its curative
effects inspired the Premonstratensians
to name it Il sano® („health“).
Since 1968 family-run brewery
Chodovar has been tapping this
mineral water from an ancient
spring which has been used for
its beneficial effects for centuries.
Naturally carbonated mineral water,
a unique example of mineral springs
thanks to its iron content.
Naturally carbonated mineral water
Il sano® with refreshing
lemon and orange flavours.
Il sano® Special is a naturally carbonated
mineral water flavoured by a syrup which is
produced using authentic original recipes.
Traditional taste of a family-run brewery
Chodovar product.
HOPPY® is completely unique refreshing
drink prepared from mineral water
IL SANO® and Saaz Hops®.

Don't worry. Be HOPPY®!