How beer is produced


1) Malting

Beer is a delicious and healthy drink with low alcohol content. The basic ingredients needed for the production of Chodské pivo® are malt, hops and water. Our Artesian wells are a source of the softest water used in Czech breweries. All the malt is prepared in a traditional way in our own malt house. We produce 1,700 tons of malt a year. continue …


2) Brewing house

The original brewing facility comes from 1924. In 2004 it underwent a complete modernizing and its capacity enables brewing four batches within a 24-hour cycle. Thus a brewer is able to change 14 tons of malt into 800 hectolitres of beautifully scented wort in one day. continue …


3) Fermentation room

We solely use traditional manufacturing processes and that’s why wort is transferred to open top tuns in the fermenting cellar. Ale yeast is then added into the wort to begin fermentation and after ten days, at temperature of 9°C, so called young beer is produced. The fermenting cellar contains 23 pieces of 70 – 320 hectolitre gyles. continue …


4) Cellar

Traditional manufacturing processes require slow fermentation and maturing of beer at low temperatures in a cellar. During this phase beer is enriched with naturally formed carbon dioxide, it gains the right strong flavour and the taste softens and gets the proper balance. The time here does not involve days, but months. In the unique, 800 year-old rock labyrinth of our cellars the beer matures in 55 pieces of 99 – 450 hectolitre stock tubs. continue …


5) Filtration and racking

Our beer is racked without any previous chemical or thermal modification. To keep the natural character of the beer we use the latest diaphragm filtration technology for its final treatment. continue …


6) Dispatch

Every year, the brewery delivers 18 million presents in the form of full pints of original Chodské pivo beer to its customers. The beer brewed with love and masterful skills gained through hundreds of years old brewing tradition caresses tongues of beer lovers in pubs not only in Bohemia and Bavaria, but also in the Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Armenia and Kazakhstan. Brewery tours…


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