Brewery tours

On their malt house and brewery plant tours the visitors are presented with the history of the brewery and traditional production methods of original Chodské pivo® beer in detail. Each tour lasts about 45 minutes and includes beer tasting at the magic brewery fountain.

The tour stars at 2 pm daily.

Groups can take advantage of a booked tour outside the given time.

Tour prices:

adults 110,– CZK  
students 85,– CZK upon presentation of a student card
children under 15 free of charge  
    the prices include VAT


telephone: +420 374 798 122  
  +420 374 611 650  
fax: +420 374 798 123  
e-mail: veskale@chodovar.cz  


Brewery Chodovar tours for true gourmets!

Beer lovers can take a detailed look at Chodovar beer production and in depth acquaint themselves with the tradition and methods of production of the most famous Czech drink on a new and truly exclusive route. Our guide will take you to our malt house – which is one of a few unique and unrivalled ones in the world, situated in the heart of the brewery – in the brew house you will taste sweet wort just in the middle of the production process, you will learn about the beer fermentation process in an open fermenting room and most importantly you will get a chance to visit an absolutely exceptional 800-year-old rock cellar where Chodovar beer matures for weeks to become a first-class lager. You can thus try our beer in the middle of the production process, taste yeast beer from the lager casks in the rock labyrinth and in the end evaluate the result of our brew masters’ work during the tasting from the magic brewery fountain.

Excursions for gourmets each week on Tuesday at 3 pm in Ve Skále restaurant. Excursions for groups from 5 to 25 people.


telephone: +420 374 611 650  
e-mail: veskale@chodovar.cz  

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