Beer cosmetics


Beer cosmetics
Since the times of ancient Rome, the curative
effects of beer as a bath additive have been
well known.
Then why not indulge in delightful feelings even
today and while caring for your skin, pamper
yourselves by original beer cosmetics from
family-run brewery Chodovar.
Original Bath Beer®
Prepared under the supervision of the chief
brewer of family-run brewery Chodovar;
the production follows a protected
original recipe.

The container is under constant pressure;
open WITH CAUTION in the bathtub under
the water level. Mix the Bath Beer® into
the bath of 36 – 38 °C. The recommended
amount for one bath (80 l) is 4 litres
of Bath Beer®.
Beer Bubble Bath®
It has a high content of beer and B vitamins.
It regenerates your skin, has relaxation and soothing
effects. It contains glycerol, which softens the skin.
A 15-minute bath miraculously relieves your pulled
muscles and frees you from feelings of tension.
It is suitable for everyday use.
Beer Shampoo®
This soft beer shampoo makes your hair look fresh,
it improves its firmness and shine and increases
its volume. It is suitable for everyday use.

Use: Apply to wet hair, rub in and wash
off thoroughly.