Special flavoured beers

Besides limited editions of bottled beers, the brewery offers to restaurants barrel specials all year round.
Information on up-to-date offer and orders:
  • dispatching department:
  • private orders:
    • brand shop in Chodová Planá
    • tel. +420 374 617 405

The Stará Sladovna restaurant, located on the premises of the brewery, offers the possibility to taste these interesting beers throughout the year.

Stará Sladovna Beer calendar

  • March, April
    Chodovar – Green Lager 11% (Alc. 4,5%)
  • March, May
    Chodovar – Red Special 13% (Alc. 5.1%)
  • July, August, September
    Chodovar – Blueberry Beer 10% Dark (Alc. 4.0%)
  • June, October
    Chodovar – Apricot Lager 11% (Alc. 4.5%)
  • November, December
    Chodovar – Christmas Chocolate Chilli Beer 10% Dark (Alc.4.0%)
Chodovar® 5l keg

Exclusively sold in brand shops Chodovar and
in the Stará Sladovna and Ve Skále restaurants
 – to choose from:
  • Chodovar „Zlatá Jedenáctka“ yeast beer
  • Chodovar „Prezidet Premium“
  • Chodovar Blueberry Beer

The keg includes a built-in tap valve.

An original beer brandy from the Chodsko
region prepared by a delicate distillation
of Zlatý ležák Chodovar lager.

Let yourselves be carried away by a heady
malt smell and discover the soul of beer…

Exclusively in the offer of our
brand shop in Chodová Planá.
Alcohol content: 50% vol.
Original Bath Beer®
Prepared under the supervision of the chief
brewer of family-run brewery Chodovar;
the production follows a protected
original recipe.

The container is under constant pressure;
open WITH CAUTION in the bathtub under
the water level. Mix the Bath Beer® into
the bath of 36 – 38 °C. The recommended
amount for one bath (80 l) is 4 litres
of Bath Beer®.