Beerrarium Stará Sladovna

We would like to remind you that this restaurant (Beerrarium Stara Sladovna) is temporary closed in the period from Mon 21st January to Thu 28th February!
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Kontakt: Öffnungszeit:
Chodovar GmbH. Mi.– So. 11.00 – 23.00 Uhr
Beerrarium Stará Sladovna ATTENTION!!!
Pivovarská 107 Temporary CLOSED till 28th February 2019!
348 13 Chodová Planá  
Czech Republic  
Betriebsleiter: Sabina Lamplová
Telefon: +420 374 611 653
Fax: +420 374 611 654
GPS: 49°53'38.11"N, 12°43'44.98"E

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